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Sorry, but we must suspend our Smartkindergarten due to russian invasion to Our Ukraine. We believe in Ukrainian Army! We are waiting for the children after the Ukrainian Victory!
February, 24
Kindergarten Smart 1.8- 7 y.o.
Private bilingual kindergarten, licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Full day and day care
*Regular sterilisation with quartz lamp, wet cleaning with sanitiser
Bilingual kindergarten Smart has a license of the Ministry of Education and Science, qualified teachers. We create a homelike atmosphere of education for children from 1.8 years old.
We have English as a second native language! Also we learn football, yoga, painting, music and choreography.
You will be able to do your business, knowing that the child is in safe place.
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Smart Baby
kids 1,8 – 2,5 y.o.
Smart Toddler
Діти 2,5–3,5 роки
Smart Playschool
Діти 4 – 5 роки
Smart Preschool
Діти 5– 6 (7) років
We have a government program "Money follows the child." Compensation - 4036 UAH / month! Call us, we will give more details.
Day care 8:00 a.m –1:00 p.m
starts at 3950 uah
per 1 month
Full day 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m
8:00 a.m – 7:00 p.m
starts at 6450 uah
per 1 month
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English speaking - 80% of the time (Thematic classes, Mathematics, Alphabet, Reading, Science, Sensory classes etc.)
All daily routines, games, all classes (except: football, music, choreography, yoga) are conducted in English. 100% english-speaking immersion. We live in English, giving your baby the opportunity to grow up bilingual!
Lessons with native speakers
Children very easily learn the phonetic features of the English language. That is why we regularly practice with natives - for better pronunciation, for better development of communication skills that are actually used by native speakers.
Football is a team sport. We learn to win, to experience defeat. We develop coordination, endurance, provide the body with oxygen during active sports!
Speech development
We encouraging speech and language development. We learn to speak, use logarithmic exercises, sensory games. We learn poems, create our own stories. We help children to express their thoughts freely!
Painting on easels
Fine arts develop the imagination and promote good taste from childhood. We learn to draw, sculpt, applique and much more.
Yoga helps develop a child's endurance, willpower, coordination, flexibility, patience and sensitivity. Exercise improves blood circulation, muscle tone and general well-being of the child. Strengthen joints, vestibular apparatus. It helps to improve the work of the brain, as well as stimulates the respiratory system.
Music lessons are loved by all children! We develop listening, sense of rhythm, intelligence and cognitive abilities of the child. We prepare real musical performances with the participation of young actors and musicians!
Active walks in the forest
Next to the kindergarten is a large park and a real forest. Clean air contributes to the good health of our children! Daily active games on the outdoor playground is what kids really need.
Delicious lunch
(you can order only lunch, or 2-3-5 meals a day)
We cooperate with the licensed catering company M'Andryk Food. There is always an effective quality control system at all stages of production: from the purchase of raw materials from producers to the supply of ready meals to customers. All products has hygienic, sanitary - epidemiological requirements, quality standards, which is achieved through careful selection of suppliers and regular laboratory tests. Mandryk Food transports meals in specially equipped cars and in thermal containers, the temperature of which allows us to maintain the freshness and quality of food regardless of the season.

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Polina Khlibanovska
Master of Psychology. Cum laude Diploma. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Psychology, 2004-2010.
In 2013 officially started a private enterprise - Kids studio Smart. In the beginning it was a day care. Later - a full-day kindergarten with extra classes.

Later grew up to the Private kindergarten Smart for kids 1.8-7 y.o. We have the educational license №1366 since August 1, 2019.

In February 2018, the kindergarten became English-speaking. I was inspired by my son Mark, with whom I speak English at least 30% of the time.

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Phone number
Kyiv, Darnytskyi district,
Trostyanetska str, 12.
Entrance at the end of the building next to the playground
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